This is essentially the basics of what is required to start with make up, they’re products I’ve found to work on all skin types and are the lowest maintenance to use. Most of the products are under £5, all are under £10 and most importantly they’re all from cruelty free brands. Not all products in the list are essential per se but I’ve pointed out where products can be cut to bring down prices.

  • Simple Kind to Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser £4.19

This is a good starting moisturiser, I’ve been using it for years and due to it being simple I can guarantee that it won’t create any extra skincare problems that some perfumed moisturisers can. One bottle will last for about three months with twice daily use. This is suitably light and layers can be applied as needed, this is better for dry and combination skin or as an evening moisturiser for oily skin.

  • Boots Shine Control Day Moisturiser £3.59

This is a gel moisturiser, its good for acne prone skin as its two main ingredients are tea tree and witch hazel, both of which are known to combat breakouts. It has shine control as the name states and glides onto the skin. One tube will last around six months with a light layer daily. Its a brilliant moisturiser for oily and acne prone skin or even just as  a day moisturiser to use alongside the Simple one above.

  • Kiss Prime of Your Life Smooth Light Reflecting Primer £3.00

A good budget primer. It’s an Wilko’s own brand and it isn’t light reflecting but it is mattifying (two of the promises in the title). It has a slight smell when squeezing it out of the tube but it goes when its rubbed into the face. This isn’t an essential product and this primer doesn’t target anything such as discoloration or large pores or anything so its a good all rounder but not something you need. A tube lasts two months+, this is about how long I’ve had mine and it’s still going now. Its very comparable to the Maybelline ‘BabySkin’ and Benefit’s ‘The Porefessional’.

  • Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer £4.19

Literally A M A Z I N G. There is a reason every beauty blogger big and small goes on about this concealer! It goes on so smoothly and spreads like a dream whilst covering the majority of under eye bags, spots, scars and general discoloration with the first layer and leaving a flawless finish after a second. I can’t fault this product at all for what it does and especially for the price. One thing I like to do rather than use foundation is use two of these concealers together. I use shade 1 (there are five shades) under my eyes, across my central face and cheeks then take shade 3 and contour with it, so I put it on my cheek bones, under my bottom lip, along my jaw and down the sides of my forehead. Shade 1 blends best as my skin tone so go for two shades darker for a natural contour colour. The little tubes last forever, I can’t recommend this more for all skin types.

  • Natural Collection Pressed Powder £1.99

Despite the bad rep that cheap brands get this is nothing to be sniffed at. While this powder doesn’t hold much pigment so I wouldn’t recommend it as a foundation for anything above light coverage, it certainly holds up as a setting powder. It  has no shimmer and doesn’t highlight the dry patches on combination skin which is great for such a low price. With a Kabuki brush a light dusting can either set make up or be used as a refreshing mattifier for a natural look. Fantastic multipurpose powder.

  • ELF Studio Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder £4.50

I’m mixed about this one. The bronzer is just lovely, it blends out like a dream and most importantly it doesn’t go on the skin with that god-awful orange tint. My only complaint has to be the blush. The blush is too light even for my pasty skin tone and it just sort of fades to a glitter on the cheek when blended in. The kit is worth it for the bronzer in my opinion as I am yet to find a low cost powder bronzer that has a cool tone to it. Recently ELF have released a cream version of this product which I hear has a cracking blush so perhaps this is the best bet for a lot of people. I’d recommend powder for dry/normal skin and complete novices as its easy to use especially to build on top of the contouring done with the Lasting Perfection Concealer; cream is more appropriate for oily skin or contouring pro’s as its more difficult to blend out. Not an essential product but certainly a good one to have around.

  • Sleek MakeUp Blush £4.49

If another powder blush is what you desire then this is it. Anyone who begins to look into high end make up will soon see the cult following behind NARS and their blushes. If buying their signature colours ‘Orgasm’ or ‘Deep Throat’ is enough to leave you blushing then Sleek have you covered. These colours are almost exact dupes to NARS colours for a fraction of the price and more importantly they were made without the harm to animals. The intensity of colour is entirely buildable and the shades have a shimmer in the pan that translates subtly to the cheek. Lovely product, lovely colours, lovely price.


TOTAL PRICE (exc. non-essentials): £19.05

If anyone has had any problems or disagrees with me on the effectiveness of the products or even in the leaping bunny status of the brands let me know and if anyone has any suggestions of other products that deserve to be on the list I’d love suggestions. What next? Eyes? Lips? Tools?