This is a guide of the best places to start with eye makeup (in my opinion). These products have been chosen because they’re affordable so you don’t have to dive in at the deep end for new products and also for ease as eyeshadows that are difficult to blend, eyeliners that require an expert hand and quick-setting concealers are not a beginners best friend. As always all the products are cruelty free and where they can be they’re vegan too.

1 ELF Shadow Lock Eyelid Primer £3.00/$1.99

This is cheap and cheerful, it does what it says on the tin. An eyeshadow primer isn’t crucial but if you have oily eylids or an oily face in general like me then it’s going to keep your makeup on significantly longer than it would otherwise last. It essentially evens out skin tone hereby also covering veins and the likes whilst giving the eyeshadow and eyeliner something to adhere to. If you want something a little more practical then feel free to pick up a cream eyeshadow instead, it’ll work the same and be a little more versatile, why not try the Collection Field Day Eyeshadow Pencil for £3.99.

2.Wet’n’ Wild Colour Icon Eyeshadow Pallete: Comfort Zone £3.68/$4.99

First off I’ll start with an FYI: This brand isn’t available in UK shops like Boots or Superdrug from what I’ve seen but I’m from the UK so alas it can be found and I ordered mine from amazon with only £3.00 delivery from the USA so I suppose the true price was £6.68. Anyway, the product itself is fab, the colours are very daytime friendly on the left and nighttime friendly on the right but more importantly they’re so versatile that mix and matching is a must. The colours look glittery in the palette and there’s a slight glimmer to them that, like the colour, is buildable. I’ve also found through trial and improvement that if you use a cream eyeshadow/base/primer then the shimmer come through far better, otherwise they look more everyday. Overall a lovely do-everything palette that is not to be sniffed at.

3. Makeup Revolution Iconic 2 Pallete £4.00/$7.00

This is AMAZING, I kid you not this is one of the best palettes I’ve used in the past three years. Makeup Revolution have a reputation for duping cult favourite products and this is no exception; its an Urban Decay Naked 2 dupe. Urban Decay are owned by the parent brand Loreal who do test on animals unlike Urban Decay, so if you don’t want to fund Loreal this is the palette for you; its also the palette for you if you don’t fancy paying £38.50/$54 for a palette. The shadows are pigmented, creamy and incredibly versatile. I’ve been able to create day and night looks alike using a mixture of the matte and shimmering shadows, neither of which have given me bother with fall out or staying power.

4. Seventeen Va Va Voom Mascara £6.29

Cracking mascara that comes in two types, normal and blackest black. Naturally I have blackest black so I can’t vouch for the normal one but I presume they’re practically the same. Its a volumising mascara with a thick wand that doesn’t clump the lashes, but seperates them as it goes on. The thing about mascaras is that so long as it isnt clumping, you’re a winner. Mascaras dry up very quickly and in terms of eye hygiene you probably shouldn’t keep one for for longer than 3 months anyway so the cheaper the better for mascaras.

5. Barry M Kohl Eyeliner £2.99

Very pigmented eyeliner with the ability to blend seamlessly with eyeshadow. It sits well in the waterline as well as being comfortable to apply, the pencil being creamy. Barry M are known for their vibrant range and their eyeliners are no exception so whilst you can play it safe with a brown or a black to give more definition to the eye or a simple nude to make the eye look bigger, there is also room to brand out and try something new with 14 colours including fushia pink, gold and emerald green. However, it has to be said that the NYX Wonder Pencil at £4.00 steals the show when it comes to a nude eyeliner, it sits wonderfully in the waterline and comes in a range of skin tones, it also doubles up as a eyebrow definer

6. Essence Make Me Brow Gel £2.50/$2.99 & Eyebrow Designer £1.49/$1.99

Essence offer the easiest to use cruelty free products in the drugstore today. The gel I would recommend for those who have unruly but thick enough brows as a standalone product whilst for those with sparse, patchy or thin brows I would say to use the designer pencil then the gel on top to set the brows in place for the day ahead. You’ll notice that I haven’t mentioned a pomade and that is because even I struggle to use them, I’ve used high end and low end and I can safely say they require a careful hand and a lot of practice if you don’t want to slugs on your face. However I am all about choice so if you should choose to experiment in this region of brows then try the NYX Tame and Frame for £5.50, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.