So in case you didn’t know about Lipstick Queen they’re an indie-ish brand founded by Australian artist, Poppy King. They’re 100% cruelty free and vegan. They say that they use beeswax in their products but no bees are harmed in the harvesting of it. Also all products are gluten free, for the celiacs out there.

Lipstick Queen have a range of sheer lipsticks in their range, including ‘Frog Prince’ each of the others give a different tint with ‘Hello Sailor’ giving a blueberry tint, ‘Ice Queen’ giving a shimmer effect and ‘Medieval’ giving a frost-bitten red. ‘Frog Prince’ promises a natural sheen of pink. The way that all of these lipsticks work is that once on, they warm to the body’s natural pH and adjust as such to create your perfect tone. Whilst the other colours are as they appear, this one is a little more daunting as the bullet is a deep green whilst the colour on the lip is pink. So I think we can all agree that the concept is cool.

The product itself comes in very sweet packaging with a small fairytale-esque picture on the side of the box and the bullet is the typical Lipstick Queen bullet but in a frosted almost hot pink. It feels nice in the hand and its not so gaudily overstated that you’re almost ashamed to pull it out in public. Its nothing new really but if the packaging works then why would they change it?

Now for the actual lipstick. Overall I would say its a flop. Honestly for the price (£22/$24) its a tinted lip balm. Don’t get me wrong it smooths over the lips very nicely and it only requires like two slicks before it coats the lip but it just isn’t that impressive. In the era of the matte lip to be creating a range of high shine lipsticks is bold and even bolder still to call them lipsticks rather than tinted balms. I will admit happily that it change to a nice bold pink on my lips but the problem is that I didn’t sign up for bold, I signed up for a ‘your lips but better’ colour. If you really like the colour it leaves your lips then you’re in luck, it stains your lips that colour (not something it advertises).

Having tried only Jean Queen before this, and as a swatch whilst in Space NK, I can say that whilst their brand ethics are laudable the products are not. For the price this isn’t worth it, there are other and cheaper alternatives that do the same job such as Barry M’s Genie Lip Paint for £4.50. Would not recommend.

Here is Lipstick Queen’s ‘Frog Prince’ and here is Barry M’s ‘Genie’ Lip Paint