A curation of what I was using, reading, wearing and listening to this June. June had a strange start; it was dark and rainy and windy. Not quite the summer I’d been hoping for but sure enough by the end it was roasting.

Nars ‘Virtual Domination’ Palette

What? A Christmas palette in July? Yes. At the moment I’m obsessed with the ‘Final Cut’ blush, it’s exclusive to the palette and the most lovely coral pink blush you’ve ever seen. It’s ridiculously pigmented (as you’d expect from Nars) and perks up any look for the (hopefully) upcoming sunshine. I’ve been finding that teaming it up with ‘Miss Liberty’ (also in the palette) gives a GLORIOUS glow and if I buff it in rather than just sweeping it on it looks natural too. What more could a girl want?

NYX Liquid Suede

Is there anything better? These babies are food resistant, drink resisitant, sweat resistant, its insane. I can honestly say that no amount of money can buy you a longer lasting liquid lipstick than this. The colours are so cute and most are dupes for more expensive brands, you can dress them up and down and wear them anywhere. These are ideal for the summer as you can apply it in the morning and I promise it’ll not have budged when you get home whether than be at 5pm or 5am. I’ve been wearing ‘Softspoken’ during the day and sometimes evening and ‘Cherry Skies’ when I’m after a more dramatic look for going out.

‘The Revised Fundamentals of Caring’ by Jonathan Evison

I began reading that after watching the film adaption on Netflix and if you haven’t seen that you should 100% go check it out. This is sad, lovely and remarkably funny. It reminds me of the line from the Wombats ‘everything’s going wrong but we’re so happy’, there is so much that they could be sad about and they’re all flawed, broken people but its not about that, it’s about making the most of the now. I’m really liking it and I think I’ll be looking further into similar books.

‘The Ride’ by Catfish & The Bottlemen

I’m a v. big fan of Catfish and have been since I first heard ‘The Balcony’ back in 2014. This has been a long time coming and doesn’t disappoint. My favourites are ‘Twice’, ‘Glasgow’ and ‘Red’. I’m sadly only off to the Sunday of T in the Park this year so I won’t catch them playing any festivals but I do have tickets for their October tour. The album reminds me of Oasis, Stereophonics and even The Stone Roses a little bit; despite being a 2016 album it somehow capture a nostalgia of the 1990s. Its full of bangers and I’m sure I won’t be the only one blasting it in my garden this summer.

Yellow Waterproof Mac

I’ve been toying with buying a fisherman’s mac for a while and when my exams finished I figured that what was the harm in treating myself, so I ordered mine from here. I. LOVE. IT. It’s so cute and so comfy. I was put off so long because I was scared of the bright yellow clashing with my orange hair but I had no reason to be scared as it turns out. I suppose you could say the June rain was a blessing as its given me the chance to use this quite often. Pairing it with light denim jeans and a white top or a cute navy/yellow stripe top I found at a vintage shop a few weeks ago has been my favourite way to wear it and I think I can see myself taking this with me to T in the Park.