Kat Von D’s make up line claims to be bold and fierce just like the woman herself and it in no way disappoints! Her brand also has the promises of being cruelty free and most are vegan with the main exception being the ‘Shade & Light’ Contour Palette. Regardless of this today I’ll be taking a look at the Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks, but more specifically the shade ‘Lolita’. You may have heard of it with the cult following it has among bloggers, vloggers, make up artists and average joes like the rest of us.

The packaging feels nice in the hand. Its a matte black cardboard with Kat’s signature hand drawn tattoo designs on it in a grey. The writing is a slightly indented and in mirrored silver, giving an even more luxurious feel to it. The lipstick itself is quite a thin tube, again with the signature tattoo designs embellishing it. The wand unusually has a metal lid which only adds to the expensive feel of the product. Unusually the wand is incredibly long and slender in comparison to its far shorter counterparts found in the likes of Jeffree Star or Dose of Colour’s collections, which makes application seem a little more difficult.

As much as application could appear tricky due to the wand, I was wrong. Normally I avoid lipglosses and such because long wands make smooth application and staying in the lines a task for me (I have very shaky hands) but on this occasion it was simple. The lipstick only requires a single coat and it leaves no streaks whatsoever. It takes around 15 seconds to dry and after that it sits like a dream. It won’t smear, smudge or move at all once its set and the formula is so light that it doesn’t even feel like you’ve got anything on.

I’m very impressed with the colour. It is the pinky-browny-dusty colour it gets described as on the website. I feel like this is very wearable colour, it can be used as I am using it while I write this as a everyday minimal makeup look. BTW today I’m just wearing a powder foundation, a swipe of neutral brown eyeshadow, mascara and lolita. However, ‘Lolita’ can also be dressed up. I’ve tried a night look and if you pair it with a smokey eye and a pink toned lid colour/glitter such as anything from the bottom row of MakeUp Revolution’s ‘Chocolate Vice‘ pallete or even Kat’s Metal Crush in ‘Raw Power‘ then it can be the perfect lip for hitting the town in the evening too.

All in all ‘Lolita’ lives up to the hype, its a great formula, great colour and a pleasure to wear. I know Kat Von D products are difficult to track down in the UK but if you can get your hands on this then do it! If not then I recommend you try NYX’s ‘Softspoken’ or Sleek’s ‘Birthday Suit’. If you’d like to see the look I like to wear it with then head over my instagram to see see my most recent photo or alternatively find it here (and even give it a like if you feel so inclined).

*UPDATE*: I’ve been asked by a lovely lady whether I think this would suit an olive skin and I’d just like to say that in regards to suiting different skin tones I am clearly no expert being only one person (and one very white person at that ). I’d say that this looks more dramatic the paler you are so for example on me it is a statement colour as its brown hued raspberry but as skin tones get darker it appears to get less dramatic so that on olive skin it can be far more universally worn for all kinds of day/night looks and on the darkest skin tones it appears to be a raspberry ‘your-lips-but-better’. Like I say, I’m no expert but this is what I reckon from looking at swatches and other people’s reviews of the product.