No makeup collection is complete without two reds; your ‘girl boss’ red and your sexy red. A girl boss red is something bright and eye-catching, it makes you fierce and confident with one swipe.  A sexy red? It’s darker red, it’s sultry and its enticing. If you don’t have one of these or are looking for a new one with an ethical background then read on.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar ‘NSFW’ and ‘Strutter’

Everything from OCC is vegan (yay!). Their lip tars are essentially a hardcore liquid lipstick. The colours are more pigmented than pretty much anything else on the market and you have to be a little careful as they don’t fully set like a liquid lipstick. I know you may be questioning why I’m even mentioning something with the potential to smudge when we’re talking about reds but hear me out; if it doesn’t fully set then you can eat and drink among other things and and just rub your lips together and ta-da! the colour is even again.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick ‘Outlaw’ and ‘Nosferatu’

Y’all know I adore Kat so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to see her on my list. The liquid lipsticks in her range are AMAZING. ‘Outlaw’ is an in your face red that is simple and sassy. It goes with any outfit and layers well so on the off chance you eat something very oily throughout the day, a touch up will only take a few seconds. ‘Nosferatu’ is a racy shade if ever I’ve seen one, it’s flirty and it’s just what you need when you’re wanting that second look when you walk down the street. Good news: I can safely say its 100% kiss-proof too.

ELF Velvet Matte ‘Ruby Red’

This is budget option for those either trying to save money or not wanting to take the leap and treat themselves to a high-end red. ELF have a lovely formula here, its a sulty red that is just very wearable. The velvet matte means that it sits well on the lips whilst being comfortable and non-bleeding. That being said, I would say a lip liner wouldn’t do any harm in this case for the longevity of wear. This is a good option if you’re unsure that you can pull of/will wear often enough a red lipstick.

ColourPop Lippie Stix ‘Juju Rouge’ and ‘Succulent’

I bloody love colourpop and it’s just as well as it is well and truly a hassle to get their products to me in the UK (but it’s okay because a birdie told me they’re starting international shipping soon.) Anyway back to the colours at hand, ‘Succulent’ is a little different from the others in the list as it isn’t a true red but an orange-red and therefore a bit more summery than the others though, as I’ve said before a good red simply doesn’t go out of season. ‘Juju Rouge’ is a bold red and the Lippie Stix make it so that both are easy to both apply and keep on your for touch-ups throughout the day and night.

Jeffree Star ‘Unicorn Blood’ and ‘Redrum’

I feel almost bad for mentioning this one because god knows you have to perform some sort of religious rite to get your hands on one of these. If you check the Jeffree Star website then one thing you’ll immediately notice is that everything is sold out all the time. If that doesn’t tell you how good these things are then I don’t know what I can say. They’re creamy, pigmented and sit like lip balm. It’s a joy to wear these and they can be worn day after day without worrying about the condition your lips will be left in. If you can get your hands on them, do it.

I hope this has been useful for people and if you’d like to see me do the same for nudes, corals or for any shade range then please just let me know.