Now these are going to be a little all over the place and you won’t agree with all of them I can tell you that now but these are the figures I have been basing my 2016, particularly summer, style upon.

James Bay

There’s something very effortless and very cool about James Bay and it’s something I admire, his style is understated yet very clearly thought out. Almost everything is dark if not black and the colours that are there are so few and far between that there is no opportunity to clash. The skinny jeans and leather jacket gives him that ‘bad boy’ vibe but his long hair and hat somehow counteract it and give him a far more playful and relaxed look. Sadly I do not suit hats like James Bay does but I’ve taken the ‘all black’ leaf out of his book and particularly in March-April time was very much following those rules although during the summer I’ve played around with colour more.

Emily Browning

If I could have someone’s wardrobe it would be this lady here’s. She is beautifully graceful and still playful in every outfit. She basks in the sun somewhere in the USA and therefore her instagram boasts a collection of peasant blouses, vests and mom jeans. Now if there’s one thing you need to know about me it that I LOVE stripes, it’s rare to see me sporting an outfit without them and as I sit to type this in scorching heat I am wearing a striped top and striped shorts.  Stripes tangent aside, she wears stripes a lot and pairs them with oversize shorts and mom jeans, a look that I bloody love. I have taken many an outfit from looking here for inspiration and it was looking at this that made me buy my first pair of mom jeans and I haven’t looked back since.

Josh Klinghoffer

Who? He’s the guitarist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and yes I know this seems like an obscure one. Now I wouldn’t say everything he wears I love but I do love the overall theme of it. He typically wears quite 1990’s-esque outfits and particularly his T in the Park getup was very much of a Kurt Cobain nature. I’m a fan of the bagginess of the clothes, I know that skinny jeans are the way forward and all but I like the indie return of slouch fit. I’ve been doing my own more Northern UK appropriate than California appropriate version of this style though with wearing more harem pants and even joggers with baggy t-shirts. By pairing them up with a proper bag (I use my Kanken backpack) and a good pair of trainers then it looks less lazy day and more understated casual. Also ladies, a tip for buying a top that will be just the right level of baggy: Go one size larger than usual, in the men’s department. I’m usually a women’s medium so I buy a men’s large.

Alexa Chung

Wow how original of me, Alexa Chung, the nation’s fashionable sweetheart. Okay so everyone and their best mate loves Alexa Chung so why can’t I too? Her style is impeccable. I have rarely seen her in a bad outfit, she blends together timeless looks like for example the striped boatneck t-shirt then uses currently trends to make it her own. She is an absolute gem and if I ever need a bit of a hand figuring out how to fit recent trends into my wardrobe it brings me great comfort to know that her instagram is a mere few clicks away. Still not sure? Just take a look at some of the pieces she’s put together for Marks and Spencer, taking their back catalogue dating back over 30 years and has re-vamped a lot of pieces to be more wearable today. (If you nip over to the website now you might find one of these gems in the sale!)