This is just a simple one that I thought was worth doing as regardless of how much I love my Semi-Sweet palette I cannot get along with the little look book that Too Faced offers with it, the looks just aren’t for me and as a result I’ve came up with my own winning combos and sharing is caring, right? I’ve got a look for each eye colour here and hopefully they’ll give you a little more choice when using your palette.

Green Eyes: You’re lucky as the Semi-Sweet palette is pretty much made for you, so long as you get a good combo anything in here works but one little gem that apparently no one else has talked about is a cut crease from here. So first off put down a base of Butter Pecan all over the lid to put a wash of colour over it all. Next take a crease brush and dip into Peanut Butter and get this right into the crease and blended upward and outward. Next take a detail brush and get caramel on the middle third of the crease, blending it into the Peanut Butter. Take Bon Bon on the same brush and blend this into the outer third making sure to give a seamless blend between this and Caramel.

Now take a makeup wipe and clean up the underside of the crease and the edge of the eye too and go over the butter pecan on the lid gently. To finish off this look you could get a detailer brush and put a tad into the corner of your eye to lighten it up and open it up and along the brow bone to give a clean finish to the underside of the brow.

Blue Eyes: Blue eyes are lucky that pretty much any look can be tailored to suit you and basically anything goes anyway. Throw some Nougat all over the lid then go for Bon Bon in the crease being sure to blend well. After this get a smaller brush and smoke out the lower lashline with Cocoa Chili and take it onto the upper outer corner if you’re wanting something a little darker. Use a detailer brush and throw some Pink Sugar on the inner corner and feel free to blend it into the inner third of the eye too. This look can be intensified with a Kohl pencil such as the Zoeva Graphic Eyes pencils.

Brown Eyes: Brown eyes are easy because what goes with brown? Brown. Start off with a wash of Mousse all over the lid to even out any veins or discoloration. Put Frosting on the outer third of your eye and blend in Hot Fudge to the very outer edge and all along the lower lash line. Take Licorice and put it on the outer edge of the lash line, blending it a little into the Hot Fudge. Take a detailer and put some Coconut Creme or Pink Sugar in the inner corner. Pink Sugar is a glittery shade so its more glam but Coconut Creme is lighter and therefore more brightening.

I hope this has given you all some ideas and inspiration for your own looks from the Semi Sweet palette regardless of eye colour and if you want me to do more night looks or some day looks with this palette or if there’s a palette that you’d like me to do a collection of looks from.