This is a simple one, it’s merely three steps and yes it takes a little time and possibly even planning but who said looking good was easy?

  1. Get a theme going: Whatever your theme may be is your choice, if you’re stuck trying looking at Lauren Conrad, Nia Lovelis, Will Darbyshire and Rena Lovelis. Some themes are easier to achieve than others, for example Will Darbyshire’s takes the most work as it requires top notch photography skills, opportunity to take those kind of photos and a fair knowledge of colour theory. On the other hand Rena Lovelis’s is somewhat easier, she has a pink theme which is easy to maintain with her hair and by making her highlights/shadows (depends on what fits best) pink on her photos the theme pretty much maintains itself. Don’t worry about if you change your mind about a theme, you can always switch or transition between them as seasons change; so you can keep a light bright theme in the summer and a darker homely one in the winter.
  2. Start Ratios: Balance the amount of each type of photo you post and when you post them. For example, a third of photos are selfies, a quarter are landscapes/places, a sixth are food and drink and the rest are miscellaneous. This just means that on the off chance someone is checking out your feed they don’t get bored of seeing row upon row of one type of image. That being said, don’t explicitly plan it as then it’s more obvious and you want to look like you naturally have an aptitude for a good feed so just make sure no two same types of photo follow each other.
  3. Where you can, have a witty caption: As a self-made rule I refuse to post an instagram photo if I can’t think of a caption for it since I truly detest the kind of people that post photos without them. Make your caption funny and sarcastic in a kind of ‘I-only-half-care’ way so that your posts seem casual and cool, just like you! Try referencing films or bands in a nonchalant way where you can’t think of something for yourself but don’t just straight up quote a song lyric, this isn’t middle school.