We all know that the last thing we want to be worrying about in the summer is a crusty lip or that flaky patch that always lurks when you forget to get your full 2 liters of water a day. This is a collection of products that leave you looking summer ready and have no skincare drawbacks.

Bagsy Lip Cocoon Moisture Balm

I really love these, I found them by chance in Debenhams a few months ago reduced from £7 to £2.50. I picked up both the Raspberry and the Lemon Lustre as the packaging just called out to me. They’re cute and the Raspberry one is tinted so it just puts a bit of life back into your lips without being a full lipstick. They smell bloody amazing, the Raspberry one smells exactly like raspberry sorbet and just a whiff of it reminds me of Italy. This is a little gem and the pretty packaging means you won’t be afraid to whip it out when you need a fresh lacquer of it.

The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Tint

In the summer less is more as heat makes makeup melt and cake (not ideal) and therefore with this in mind, less powder. The first step to less powder is the top coats so blush and bronzer need to go. Bronzed is hopefully something you’ll achieve naturally in the summer but blush on the other hand, can be created nicely with the Body Shop Lip and Cheek Tint. It’s a gel formula that slicks over the skin and settles nicely with no worry of melting, so for a flush of coral or something similar look no further than this. I personally really like Dutch Tulip in the summer as I like a red cheek but if you’re not feeling as bold then I recommend Vineyard Peach for paler skin and olive skin and Bright Peony for darker skin though tread carefully as it’s pigmented stuff!

No7. Beautiful Skin BB Cream

This is a diamond in the rough. It comes in an oily, dry and very dry formula so you can choose which one you want depending on your skin type and it just makes everything better. It smooths over like a moisturiser so there’s no need for a sponge or a brush because even your finger will give you an even coverage. It doesn’t sit in pores or slide around the face it just evens everything out so you no longer worry about uneven skin whether that be in terms of discoloration or acne or even physically bumpy skin, it all evens out.

Soap and Glory It’s About Prime Eyeshadow Underbase

It’s an eye primer, it does what it says on the tin and pretty well too. It evens out the colour of the lid whilst not leaving a colour there itself meaning that you can throw a bit on for the sake of discoloration and not then feel obligated to go through with a full eye look. It’s moisturising which can be a lifesaver as it keeps those peepers looking fresh as a daisy even when you’re not feeling the same/ The illusion of a good night’s sleep? that’s something money can’t buy usually; though Soap and Glory have put a pricetag of £4 on which isn’t bad at all if you ask me.